Juan was born and raised in Colombia but has been living in the US for the past 20 years. He currently lives in New York City, the place that he calls home, as well as his playground. In NYC, he can always find a little piece of the world around him. 

Juan finds photography a very generous way to express how he sees the world without the need of words. He hopes that through his work others can connect to his vision. 

Juan found his passion in photography after taking a black and white film class when he first came to America. He then proceeded to study commercial photography in Miami, and later had an opportunity to assist a wedding photographer and that’s when his journey as wedding photographer started.

Juan enjoys discovering the world and learning about other cultures thru travel. He has a fascination for colors, textures and a little bit of chaos.   

"I am passionate about weddings. I love being that pair of eyes, that captures the little details that might otherwise go unnoticed; I get to see the bride’s anxiety while getting ready, a mother’s proud eyes watching her daughter put on her dress, a father’s blessing, a groom’s nervousness…. and finally, the joyful calm a couple radiates once they are reunited at the altar. Every single moment is just spectacular, and I make sure that none are missed."